Covenant Resources

Welcome to Covenant Resources

If you are here because you have experienced a miscarriage, please know that our thoughts and prayers are with you. We hope this site is a source of comfort for you and your family.

If you have not experienced a miscarriage but are here to assist someone you love who has, we hope that this site will equip you with what you need to help your loved one navigate through the sorrow that can accompany a miscarriage.

Our goal with this site is to be a centralized location that one can go to in order to access information regarding resources available for miscarriages. If you would like something posted on this site or would like to have your information updated, please feel free to contact us at

May God bless you always!

Note: As of July 2022, this website is under construction. Please check back for more updates and information.

In loving memory of our little souls, Agnes Marie (February 2016) and Andrew Paul (November 2016).

God has them in His keeping. We hold them in our hearts.