Little Souls Cemetery

Due to the need that we found for a burial place for miscarried babies, we came up with a design and with our pastor's permission, created a Little Souls Cemetery at St. Mary Catholic Church's cemetery in Greensburg, Indiana. The individual markers on the concrete strips allow for the burial of remains if there are remains. If there are not remains, the family can purchase a plaque with the baby's name on it to be affixed to the upright monuments.

As we went along, we wrote everything down in a Word document so that if others wanted to know what we did and why we did it the way we did, we could share the document with them. If you would like a copy of this document, feel free to email us at

As a note, we have two more upright monuments going in on the blank concrete areas at the ends of the rows. We also have a couple pieces of granite going in to fill in the gaps on the curves.

Click the Link Below for a Listing of Cemeteries with Dedicated Miscarriage Sections. If you are a cemetery that would be added to this list, please send us an email at