Who Benefits?

Teenagers and Single Women

Every woman has a right to be able to understand how her body works and to have health problems treated in a way that is truly beneficial and healing. Unfortunately, when a teenager or single woman goes to a physician for irregular periods, painful cramps, or other issues, she is usually prescribed a birth control pill. These pills do not treat the underlying cause and instead mask the symptoms. The Creighton Model FertilityCare System can be used by teenagers and single women in order to truly promote reproductive and gynecological health by healing the underlying cause and not prescribing a birth control pill.


Engaged and Married Couples 

Research shows that couples who use a natural form of regulating birth have happier marriages and lower divorce rates. The Creighton Model FertilityCare System is an excellent system to use for naturally planning your family. When used to avoid pregnancy, the use-effectiveness is 96.8%. When used to achieve pregnancy, the effectiveness is 76% in the very first cycle of use and 98% by the sixth cycle. In addition to assisting the couple in regulating births, it also strengthens the unity of the marriage by promoting the use of SPICE in that relationship. SPICE looks at the spiritual, physical, intellectual, creative, and emotional elements of a relationship and assists the couple in strengthening those areas. As with teenagers and single women, this system can be used to assess the health of an engaged or married woman as well.