Miscarriage Supply Totes for Facilities

What is a Miscarriage Supply Tote?

Covenant Resources worked with Leslie Thackery at Gilliland Howe Funeral Home in Greensburg, Indiana to develop a tote that could be placed in doctor offices, funeral homes, hospital emergency rooms or any other facility that assists pregnant women. These totes allow a woman to go into a facility and leave with the supplies she needs for a miscarriage without having to wait for them to arrive in the mail.

Covenant Resources orders the supplies from various places and places them in a tote for the facility. The facility then reimburses Covenant Resources for the expense of the materials in the tote. There is no fee for the time it takes to put the tote together.

If you are a facility that would like one of these totes, please send an email to contactus@covenantresources and we will we give you a quote with current pricing for the supplies that go into the tote. Some facilities distribute the supplies in the tote free of charge and other facilities charge what the direct cost was of the item.

Paperwork included in the tote gives a list of what the individual items cost as well as reorder information.

What does the Supply Tote Contain?

The tote contains various size burial vessels, various size miscarriage kits, a small casket, and an assortment of vessel wraps and sleeves.


Extra Small: 4” length with 1.2” diameter opening

Small (up to 13 weeks): 5” length with 1.4” diameter opening

Medium (14 to 16 weeks): 5.75” length with

2.1” opening

Large (17 to 20 weeks): 6.5” length with 3”

diameter opening

Available from Heaven's Gain

Cloth Vessel Sleeves

Small: holds small and extra small vessel

Medium: holds medium vessel

Large: holds large vessel

From Rest in His Arms Angel Gowns

Cloth Vessel Wraps

Small: holds extra-small vessel

Large: holds small vessel

From Rest in His Arms Angel Gowns

Upholstered Casket

Large 10" White

From Elizabeth Ministries International

Miscarriage Kits

(Vessel Sleeves and Wraps are not included and need to be added to kit)

Small Miscarriage Kit—Up to 13 weeks

Medium Miscarriage Kit—14 to 16 weeks

Large Miscarriage Kit—17 to 20 weeks

Available from Heaven's Gain

Upholstered Casket

Large 10" Baby Print

Available from Heaven's Gain