Supply Descriptions

Burial Vessels

Extra Small: 4” length with 1.2” diameter                 opening

Small (up to 13 weeks): 5” length with 1.4”               diameter opening

Medium (14 to 16 weeks): 5.75” length with 

           2.1” opening

Large (17 to 20 weeks): 6.5” length with 3” 

          diameter opening

Available from Heaven's Gain

Cloth Vessel Sleeves

Small: holds small and extra small vessel 

Medium: holds medium vessel

Large: holds large vessel

From Rest in His Arms Angel Gowns

Cloth Vessel Wraps 

Small: holds extra-small vessel

Large: holds small vessel

Can also be used as a blanket to directly wrap around the baby.

From Rest in His Arms Angel Gowns

Upholstered Casket

Large 10" White

From Elizabeth Ministries International

Miscarriage Kits

(These Assist the Mother in Delivering her Baby)

Vessel Sleeves and Wraps are not included and need to be added to kit.

Depending on how your tote is set up, the burial vessel may or may not be in the kit. Ensure the appropriate size vessel is in the kit before giving to the mother.

If you order directly from Heaven's Gain, the burial vessels are in the kit.

Small Miscarriage Kit—Up to 13 weeks

Medium Miscarriage Kit—14 to 16 weeks

Large Miscarriage Kit—17 to 20 weeks