Miscarriage Reflections

Each month, we will post a "Miscarriage Reflection" with a thought that we have had or that someone else has expressed. The purpose of these reflections are to help connect with some of the thoughts you may have experienced to try to help you not feel alone in your sorrow.  When appropriate, links to articles and resources will be posted with the reflections. These reflections and their attached articles are not medical or psychological advice and any link to another article or resource is not meant as an endorsement of that company or person or their teachings. If you would like a topic to be featured in a monthly reflection, please email us at contactus@covenantresources.org

June 2023--Father's Day

After a miscarriage, fathers are often heard saying they don't know how to talk about it with their wives. God created male and female differently, therefore, they can grieve the loss of their unborn baby in different ways and that is okay. It doesn't mean the man isn't a good father or that he isn't grieving. Below are a couple articles that a man might find helpful. 

Strong and Tender (A book for grieving fathers)

Loving Your Husband Post Miscarriage

May 2023--Mother's Day

This month,  remember the hidden mothers who lost their babies to miscarriage. As brunches, gifts, and special recognitions happen, they are silently there. They are still mothers, even if the world doesn't know they exist. This year, don't forget to acknowledge the hidden mothers you know. A bouquet, a special meal, a visit to the baby's burial place, one of the mementos below or just a simple, "I remember you and am praying for you today" could mean a lot to a hidden mother. 

Little Souls Memorial Ornaments

Heaven's Gain Memorial Items

Elizabeth Ministries Gift Items and Resources

 April 2023--Good Friday and Easter Sunday

When you found out you were going to miscarry, you may have felt you were experiencing your own Good Friday--your baby was dead. May you find comfort and hope knowing that someday you will have your own Easter Sunday and see your child again. Below is a priest's homily that touches on this point.

A Priest's Homily on Miscarriage