Who We Are

We are the Harpring Family. In February 2016, we had the first of two miscarriages. As the result of life beginning at conception, we wanted to give a proper burial for our child. We approached the priest at St. Mary Catholic Church and asked if we could bury on the grave site of Chris' grandparents. The parish agreed to our request and had a burial service for us at the cemetery.

Rebecca (the mom) has a background as a nurse, a pregnancy resource center director, and as a Creighton Model Practitioner (see the medical assistance page). As a result, she has a lot of conversations with people about pregnancy. Rebecca was open with others during these conversations about the loss and burial of her unborn babies. Many people expressed that they wish they would have known that they could have had a burial or that they did not have a place to bury their child. As Chris (the dad) and Rebecca reflected on these conversations, we decided we wanted to find a way to bring good for others out of our own loss. That is how we came to work with Scheidler Wearly Monuments to approach the parish priest and start the Little Souls Cemetery for miscarried babies.

The Little Souls Cemetery construction became a family affair with even the kids being involved. During the construction, people in other towns and parishes started inquiring about how to construct a Little Souls Cemetery in their cemetery. So, in July 2022, Rebecca (and her family) decided to not renew her Creighton Model FertilityCare Practitioner certification and instead start Covenant Resources so that she and the family could work together to help establish Little Souls Cemeteries across the nation, get miscarriage supply totes in as many facilities as possible, and create a nationwide listing of cemeteries with dedicated areas for miscarriages.

If you would like to start a Little Souls Cemetery in your town or obtain a miscarriage supply tote, we would love to hear from you at contactus@covenantresources.org.